"Covey Run" – Quail Condo

housing for quails

Materials: Gorm shelving unit plus extra shelves

I call it “Covey Run”. This planned community features a six story condo complete with an automatic watering station and a dust bath. It’s situated in a lovely orchard which provides plenty of space for day hikes, stretching and other exercise, foraging, and relaxing after lunch under a nice shady tree.

I’m an Urban Homesteader who raises a large percentage of my own food. I needed to build new housing for my quail. It had to be predator proof as I have raccoons and cats in the neighborhood that find a nice juicy quail to be lovely meal. It had to have enough room for them to move around and stretch their wings. I needed to be able to incorporate an automatic watering system. And it have easy access for cleaning.

covey run quail condo

The GORM shelving system turned out to be the perfect basis for my new quail housing. I purchased one unit and four extra shelves. I also had to purchase some hardware cloth, hinges and gate lock hooks at a local hardware store. Then the fun began.

Each of the five interior shelves needed to have a ramp built so the quail could move easily from one level to the next. I simply cut out a section of one board, attached a hinge, covered it with chicken wire for traction, and screwed it back onto one cut edge. I alternated from front to back on each shelf. Once I assembled the shelving unit, this created a perfect ramp setup that works just like a stair case.

Next, I attached hardware cloth to three sides using a staple gun and LOTS of 9/16″ staples. The screen needed to be very secure. I left a small space near a back corner to run a hose through for my watering system. I used hinges to attach the two remaining shelves to make access doors. The upper door allows me to access their feeder. The lower one gives me access to their watering system and their dust bath (plastic tub). I can leave the lower door open during the daytime in order to allow the quail to free range in my small side yard orchard.

The final touches were a corrugated roof (left over from another project), door locks, and handles. I used a couple of screws to secure the entire thing to my fence. Presto! Instant quail condo!

What more could a covey of quail desire? It’s the PERFECT place to call home!

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~ Kitty Sharkey, Oakland, CA