Custom Lampshade

Materials: LÖBBO shade & SAMTID lamp

Description: I loved the simple diffused light the SAMTID lamp & shade shed. But I’m a designer and I wanted it to have more personality.

1. Using InDesign, planned out the shapes I wanted on the shade.

2. Printed out the design and using double stick tape adhered it to the shade. Since there is a protective film on the shade it’s not harmed.

3. I cut the diamond shapes almost all the way from point to point, leaving about 1/16th top and bottom. Changing out the blade for a fresh sharp one made it a lot easier.

4. Once the all the cuts were made I peeled off my printed template and the protective film.

5. Assembled the shade and the lamp and had one original shade, made/altered by hand.

Plus: I thought about cutting the diamond completely out and put a nice thin fabric or paper inside but started here. So many options to play with.

~ Debbie, Philadelphia