Ekby Jarpen in the hallway

landing coat rack

Materials: Ekby Jarpen shelves, Vippa hooks, Ekby Robert Brakets, Besta frame

Description: Moving into a new apartment we had trouble finding some hallway furniture to fit in the designated place. As we had three extra shelves we didn’t need and a Besta frame which was bought as a TV stand but was never used, my husband came up with this idea.

Items used:
– 2 Ekby Jarpen shelves 119 x 28
– 1 Ekby Jarpen shelf 79 x 19
– 5 Vippa hooks – large
– 5 Vippa hooks – small
– Wallpaper
– Black spray paint

landing coat rack
landing coat rack

My English is not very fluent so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. The shelf which is used as support for the hooks was fixed to the wall and the hooks are masking the screws. The smaller shelf has three hooks for keys and two for our kids’ jackets.

The part of the shelf which is not finished (should normally go against the wall) was painted black.

~ Laura, Cluj, Romania