ikea camera boom stand

Materials: Forsa

I’ve just built my own camera-boom-stand using a cheap desk-lamp from Ikea.

The reason I built this is that I needed a simple document-camera for my classroom. Now I can enlarge anything kids bring in and then we can talk about it.

It uses a Logitech Quickcam Vision Pro and an Ikea Forsa lamp. Total cost: about 50 euro, compare that to the 500 euro that a normal system would cost.


1) Remove the wiring and socket from the lamp, do NOT damage the bracket that is holding the socket!
2) Remove the stand from the Quickcam
3) Insert cam in the bracket
4) Optional: thread the cable through the lamp’s internal ducts (requires soldering).

ikea camera boom stand
ikea camera boom stand
ikea camera boom stand

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~ Sebastian, The Hague, Netherlands