Golden Baroque Ung Drill

Materials: Ung Drill, Liquid Leaf classic gold, Daler-Rowner GoldFinger metallic paste

Next to my organ I wanted to put up a picture of my family members’ silhoutte. I purchased an Ung Drill frame.

I sprayed painted it with white acrylic primer. Following that I brushed on a a layer of Liquid Leaf classic gold paint.

I removed the glass from the frame. I cut out a sheet of painting canvas and glued it to the backing corrugated paper.

Using Adobe Photoshop, I printed silhouttes of member of my family on A4 pieces of paper.

I stapled a few sheets of A4 paper under the printed silhouettes. With a craft knife I cut out the silhouttes, creating multiples of stencils.

I painted the background colours on the canvas sheet. After which, using the stencils and together with Daler-Rowner GoldFinger metallic paste, I rubbed on the gold paint into the stencils.

~ Wai Hoong, Yap, Singapore

Jules Yap