How I created a headboard for under $25

headboard 748221

headboard 748221

Materials: 1 LINNARP glass door, 3 yards of durable fabric (approximate), 1 Old queen size sheet, 2 bags of Poly-fil batting, 3 buttons of your choice, 1 Staple Gun, 4 – 2 1/2/”; L brackets, Needle and Thread (for the buttons), Masking tape, Safety Glasses, Mallet/hammer

Description: After years of hating my bed but being too cheap to spend money on a new bed I decided I would create my own headboard to add some style to my boring bed. I ended up finding a set of 2 LINNARP glass doors at Ikea on clearance for $14 that sparked my imagination.

headboard2 746881

Now for the Hack:

1. First you will need to take the glass out of the LINNARP glass door. Please BE CAREFUL, put the masking tape on the glass panels ensuring that the panels are well covered.

2. Take your mallet and tap the glass so that it shatters. Note: you may want to put a drop cloth down on your floor. I ended up placing a large box underneath to catch any glass shards.

3. Once the glass is completely removed, be sure to clean any excess glass out of the frame. I used a flat-head screwdriver to get into the crevices of the frame.

4. Measure out 6 large squares of fabric based on the 3 windows of the frame: 3 for the front, 3 for the backing.

5. Measure the center of each front facing fabric and sew on your buttons for a “faux” tufted look.

6. Take your staple gun and staple the 3 front fabric panels to the frame ensuring to leave enough room in the fabric for the batting.

7. Staple 3 out of the 4 sides of the 3 back panels to the frame of each window, being sure to create a “pocket” for the batting to go in.

8. Stuff each panel with the batting to the, be sure to not over stuff, otherwise you will need larger “L” brackets to mount the headboard.

9. Finish stapling the last side of the back fabric to the frame to close off the pocket you left.

10. Mount the headboard above your bed using “L” brackets from the hardware store. And you are done!

Total spent: $24

LINNARP door – $7
Fabric – $6
Buttons – $3
Ploy-Fil Batting – $5
“L” Brackets from the hardware store – $3

A Step-by-Step video can be found here.

Happy Headboarding!

~ North Hollywood, CA

Jules Yap