Ikea Beaker Vase Lamp

IKEA Salong Vase,Tyst Coasters, lamp kit, Hojta placemat lamp shade

Description: I loved this little blue beaker vase and immediately knew I wanted it to be a lamp.

I used a small drill with a diamond bit to drill a hole in the side of the vase (Slowly!!) and then used a rubber grommet in the hole so that the cord isn’t cut by the edges of the hole in the glass. Put the cord from the lamp kit through the hole with the grommet and then up through the top of the vase.

For the top, I glued together 4 Tyst Coasters to use as a cork for the top of the beaker. I cut them on an angle to fit the flare of the beaker exactly. Then I measured the width of the lamp kit piece that needs to go through the top of the cork and cut a hole in the middle that is graduated from large to small (size of the bottom of lamp kit down to size of the cord coming out the bottom.) Pull the cord up through the cork and then assemble the light kit.

I used clear drying glue appropriate for glass to secure the cork inside the beaker and also to secure the lamp kit into the cork.

I hand made the lamp shade as well with 4 Hojta place mats made of woven wood and some ribbon. The finial came off an old lamp that no longer works.
Viola! Lamp!

See more of the beaker lamp.

~ Shari French, Seattle, WA