Ikea hacked coffee table turned upholstered ottoman

Materials: Klubbo coffee table

Description: When I first moved into my place, I purchased an inexpensive coffee table from IKEA. It was the right length and height for my sofa, although I was not crazy about the hard laminate top.

So I decided to turn it into a ottoman I could put my feet up on. First, I purchased my supplies (which totaled around $60). A piece of foam, batting, spray adhesive, and fabric. I already had a staple gun and staples.

Step 1 was to flip the table on it’s top and remove the legs. Luckily, this was a very simple table to assemble and disassemble. It took me less than three minutes.

The next step is to flip the top back over and spray a thin coat of adhesive on the laminate (open a window!). Then place the foam, spray on top of the foam, and place the batting on top. Then lay the fabric on your floor and flip the table on top of it it. Next, staple the fabric to the wood. Make sure you place one staple in the middle of each side pulling tightly to start. Then staple the rest. The final step is to make a neat fold at each end and staple.

I then reattached the legs and now have beautiful upholstered ottoman.

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~ Simply Kelly Blog, Austin, Texas