Longboard and Skateboard shelf

Materials: Ikea IVAR

Description: I built this shelf more than 3 years ago, but it’;s still in use.

I had quite a few longboards and no idea where to keep them. I wanted to have a shelf that a) looks good, b) isn’t too expensive and c) can ‘change size’ if there will more or less boards someday.

The idea to build this shelf came into my mind when I walked through
an IKEA-store and saw a side part of the IVAR-shelf. Being a hobby-McGyver I suddenly knew what to do:

1. I bought a side part of the IVAR-shelf (there are different sizes, I used one that’s 179×30 cm, 7,50euro). In the local diy-store I bought a back board made of 6mm ply wood in the same size.

2. I stuck the two parts together using wood glue and additionally fixed the back board with nails.

3. After that, I drilled 4 holes into the sideparts to put in the screws.

4. Now it’s time to paint the shelf. I used a dark brown. The next step is to mount the shelf at the wall. I used 4 screws (80mm) and 8mm anchors.

5. After mounting the shelf to the wall I used 4 metal staves (I don’t know if that’s the correct word in english, in german it’s called ‘Metallstife’) to keep the wooden blanks.

6. For each longboard I plugged a wooden blank diagonally between the metal staves. The blanks are made of ply-wood from the local diy-store (size: 23,4 x 20 x 1,3 cm). I painted the wooden blanks in the same color as the other parts.

7. That’s it. The boards have a pretty and decorative place at the wall.

~ Frank, Mainz, Germany

Jules Yap