Lovely snowball light!

Materials: Ikea paper lantern (Regolit)

Description: I stole this idea from somewhere (can’t remember where) so I won’t take credit for it!

I had however bought the coffee filters months prior, knowing I would find some crafty use for them eventually. So you could say I willed this into existence. Right?

Anyway, this is easy as pie and cheap too.

You gently scrunch up the bottoms of the coffee filters so there they’re pretty wrinkled but the “skirts” are still quite neat. Dab glue dots with your gun all over the bottom, mostly along the edges – you won’t need much and don’t have to be too precise — and just place the glue-dotted bottom on the lantern shade, one by one until you’ve covered it all.

It doesn’t require too much patience or precision, it’s probably going to come out looking pretty no matter what.

~ gudrun, Iceland