Retrofit EXPEDIT Bookshelf

Materials: Skill saw, elec drill, allen wrench

Description: To achieve a “squared” corner bookshelf unit, I started with two EXPEDIT 2 cubicle x 4 cubicle shelves. I cut one to create a single shelf unit but cutting the top and bottom and re-using the side panels. I re-used the divider sections and created two cubicle dividers that can be used horizontally or vertically.

I trimmed re-used art of the removed top panel to create an overhang for which the IKEA lights could be attached, under which I installed a bulletin board on the side of the (un-retrofitted) bookshelf.

Picture 1 shows the new 33″ x 33″ corner unit with all cubicles facing left and the new bulletin board plus two cubicles facing right. The second picture shows how I attached the units from the inside to stabilize (you can see the side of the retrofitted unit through the cubicles). The third picture shows the new overhang from which the lights are attached above the bulletin board

~ Lou Ronsivalli, Salem NH

Updated 19 Jan 2012!
Lou sent in more shots of his hack. Two that show the wide angle view of the corner, dual-desk setup.