Ritva Curtains Transformed

photo 727007
photo 727007

Materials: Ritva curtains, Lummig curtain rod, gold spray paint, 12 yards of ribbon, fabric glue

Description: I saw another hack and thought I could do something similar to spruce up my apartment. I bought two sets of Ritva curtains for my living room and two Lummig curtain rods.

I took off the finials and spray painted them gold. While they dried, I measured the length of the curtains from the floor up and when they were just touching the floor, I marked the walls to put up the wall fixtures.

Once the finials were dry, I threaded the curtains onto the rod, added the finials, and hung the curtains.

To add the ribbon, I bought 12 yards of red, 2 inch grosgrain ribbon. I put a strip of fabric glue at the edge of the ribbon and folded it over about 1/4 inch to finish the edge. I put glue on about 1 inch of the ribbon and folded it over the top of the curtains.

Doing about 8-10 inches at a time, I put strips of glue on the edges of the ribbon and carefully (and gently) pressed it to the curtains. At the bottom, I did the same thing with the ribbon (finishing the raw edge and wrapping it around the curtain).

Now they look great and certainly nicer than plain Ikea curtains!

~ Sybil, New York

Jules Yap