Singlebed STORA

Materials: STORA bed frame

I wonder why the STORA bed frame has been conceived only as a double bed, as it fit well in small apartments. So I decided to modify that project by myself in order to reduce it to a single bed size. Due to the narrower protruding bed base the frame can also be lowered, without risks for the head of the customer and making it less invasive.

Recreating the joints between the leg and the slats or the bed base, has been the main problem, but with some simple instruments which can be easily found in any specialized DIY shop (see pictures), the goal can be achieved without too many troubles. The frame has also been provided with some shelves. Under the bed base has been placed a Lycksele sofa bed to create three easily available beds in very little space for small apartments.

~ BiricoltiDesign, Firenze (Italy)