A great stand for my new espresso machine

Materials: BEKVAM kitchen cart

Description: I just bought a new espresso machine, and my wife suggested I get a nice stand for it.

I found the IKEA cart remake on this site and decided to give it a little twist rather than duplicating what others have done before.

I started painting all parts of the cart white except for the top.

After the white paint was dry, I used antique stain, mixed it with a bit of black paint and applied it with an old cloth to give an antique look to the cart.

I distressed the top of the cart with a hammer and applied some black paint to the dents to make them stand out.

I went to a company that produces wooden overseas packaging boxes. They kindly gave me one of their original stencils used to label their wooden boxes, which I applied on the top. Afterwards, I sanded down some areas of the black paint to give it an even more distressed look.

After assembling it, I put my espresso machine on the top, and it looks great.

~ Thomas, Near Heidelberg, Germany