Computer desk into livingroom coffee table in a Moment?

IKEA Moment coffee table

Materials: IKEA Moment table (not available anymore), silver coating spray, new threaded rods

Description: Never buy new sofas and and new PC at the same time. Never. This will only create problems. Except you’re an IKEA-hacker.

Last year, my girlfriend bought her first own PC together with the whole equipment you need and so we put it under and on the same IKEA Moment-table I used for my computer. The result was horrible – as you can see in the pictures, two big monitors and two keyboards were too much.

Luckily, we also got two new sofas and couldn’t find a fitting living room-table. So I built a new desk (which is another story, not including IKEA-stuff) and disassembled the Moment-table. Inside the tables legs I found four threaded rods, which I replaced with four new ones – shorter ones. Then I also shortened the visible legs, painted everything with silver coating and we had a new, well fitting an biiig living room-table.

IKEA Moment coffee table

Just a little hack, but we still like it!

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~ Torsten, Hannover, Germany