Contemporary Laptop Counter

Materials: Dave laptop workstation, Vika Kaj adjustable leg, Dioder LEDs

Description: I work for a small start-up company in high-tech medical equipment. We participate regularly at exhibitions during conventions. I used to rent a counter from the congress organizers. Renting such a counter for 3 days costs between 200 and 350 €. Now I found an alternative, which also looks better compared to the worn-out, overpriced rental… I can use it again and is easy to transport if by car.

At Ikea I found “Dave”, a plastic, modern looking laptop workstation. Since this a table, it was too low to make presentations on a laptop while standing in front of it. How to turn this workstation into a counter?

I picked-up “Vika Kaj” at Ikea. This is a white adjustable leg. Both ends of “Dave” are very different and I could not find a quick way to make Dave’s leg longer to fit the height of the laptop station to my needs. With a grinder I cut Vika Kaj in two. Also with the grinder I made a slot of about 5 cm at the bottom. The aim was to make the bottom end conic, similar to the original leg. After inserting the half Vika Kaj in the original leg, I drilled 3 holes, put self-tapping screws in it and painted the bare metal parts in white.

Dave was now high and stable enough for my purpose. To make the whole workstation look slicker, I attached 2 bars of colored leds lights “Dioder”, using double sided tape.

The result: an original, high-tech looking counter for my booth at exhibitions. I have just used it during 3 days on an exhibition in Germany and it did the job!

Total price:
Dave: 99€
Vika Kaj: 10€
Dioder: 29,95€
Total: 138,95€

~ Herve, Belgium