IKEA Expedit 4×2 turned fireplace/media console

Materials: 1 Expedit black/brown, 1 framless firebox, 4 screws

Description: I wanted a fireplace with a media center or console..

Since I had already been using my Expedit 4×2 bookcase as my TV stand+storage I started to visualize a way to recycle it and use it with a fireplace.

So I looked around for a 27″ firebox without a mantel until I found one.

I removed the 4 squares in the middle of the Expedit, left the side cubes and cut the wooden sticks to hold them in place, placed the firebox in the now empty center and on top of the firebox I put the long wooden piece I had previously removed I screwed it to the sides and the back of the bookcase (I took pics last night with my cell, but they are way too dark).

I looks very nice – and I did it for a fraction of the prices of a new one.

~ Maria Alvarez, Toronto, ON