Individual Stove for your modular Kitchen

Materials: Udden Working Bench, Udden Cabinet Base

Description: So Ikea sells a stove in their Udden-Series which I found kinda “meh”. For about 300€, you only get the most basic functions like a grill, but not even a hot air function or a pizza mode.

So I decided to buy an Udden working bench; those come in two sizes, the smaller one is almost the same size as a regular cabinet used for stoves. This applies to most stoves sold in Germany, so please check yours out first if you live elsewhere.

I installed an Udden cabinet base, then used an electric jigsaw to cut out the hole for the cooking field.

When doing so, you should use a napkin or something else between the base of your jigsaw and the plate, or else you’ll get nasty scratches.

And that was about it, it worked like a charm and looks pretty good if you ask me!

~ André, Germany