Industrial Loft Ceiling

Materials: Broder Shelves, Hex Bolts

My laundry in the basement has a open unfinished ceiling. I wanted to cover some of the pipes, wiring etc. without the hassle of a drop ceiling or sheet rock. I also wanted it fairly accessible because I am always running cable or wires for my home theater systems.

I really don’t know how I got the idea. I was in Ikea and saw the Broder units. I like the industrial loft look although I live in a 1950’s row house. My plan was to just run a couple down the center but they seemed to fit pretty well with just the edges exposed on each side.

I used lag bolts and drilled them into the joists. Actually I used a socket wrench so they wouldn’t be too tight. The shelves hang way below any live electrical wires. Wouldn’t want to fry myself.

I can remove them without too much trouble if I have to get to the ceiling.

Not as flexible as drop tiles but way easier than sheet rock. Not a cheap hack however. Shelves were pretty expensive and did this 3 years ago.

~ FRANK JONES, Philadelphia

Jules Yap