iPepiter, laptopless music sheet reader

IKEA Brada music sheet stand

Materials: Brada laptop stand, camera mount, camera tripod

Description: The kids started learning music, so a music stand soon comes in handy. Yet another single-use tool to stroll around our small house, that looks like some of the other single-use tools that already stroll(ed) around.

Thought of figure sawing a plate to mount on one of those other tools, the camera tripod until I saw another laptop2iPad Brada hack; perfect : cheap, simple, pretty, solid … perfect

All you need is just a camera mount thread, usually 1/4 inch, 20 winds. You can find threaded inserts, or use a nut but I destroyed my end of life analog Minolta 404si for it (ask daddy before you do this at home).

The Minolta part was ideal, fitted my drilled hole tightly but decided to add some (excessive) glue just to be sure.

Now we have a laptop/iPads stand, kitchen/study book mount AND the best music stand in the world (with the pivoting camera mount I can have the music an inch of my nose in any position I can imagine).

This hack maybe so minimal that Ikea should incorporate this in their design 😉

See more of the Brada music stand.

~ Peter Janssens, Belgium

Jules Yap