Malm Dresser Transformation

Materials: 2 Malm Dressers

I bought these 2 gently used Malm dressers from a friend, but I like them next to one another like in the picture better than seperate. The brown was sort of ugly and I needed to lighten up the small room a little, but didn’t want to paint the entire dressers. I decided to do just the drawers to have the contrast!

1. Sand down drawers with a hand sander
2. Wipe clean to get rid of any sand particles
3. Spray painted with primer a few coats and let dry a day
4. Spray painted with a flat white spray paint a few coats and let dry a few hours
5. Found these great green vintage porcelain knobs on eBay for $1.25 each
6. Drilled holes and placed knobs

This hack has made such a difference in my small room and I LOVE the vintage knobs! Easy weekend project!

~ Beth