Mod pink geometric painted erslev rug

Materials: IKEA Erslev rug 4’7″ x 6’7″

1. I was inspired by the nixon pattern used by Jonathan Adler and sketched it on a piece of paper
2. I taped out a border within the rug that seemed straight
3. After I taped the border I measured the inside space that i was going to work with and had my calculator handy…
4. I then taped the design out using long pieces of tape to ensure all of my rectangles and center lines would be as symmetrical as possible.

5. I then used my x-acto to lightly cut the design out of the tape without damaging the rug so that it looked like this

6. I then pressed the tape down throughout the rug in order to be sure it was sticking to it really well
7. I mixed the fabric medium into the paint really well
8. I rolled the paint onto the rug and was careful to cover every white spot that was showing.
9. After several hours of drying I peeled the tape off the rug.

10. I did my little happy dance because that scotch green tape rocked my world!

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~ holly – the almost 40 year old intern