On Edge

Materials: 9-Ply & HEMMA Cord set

Description: This finished plywood lamp, held together by the tension of its own electric cable (the IKEA HEMMA Cord), attempts to add visual and functional purpose to the necessity of being bound to a cable. The combination of form and cord allow the object to be used in a variety of positions, as seen in the installation-photos.

– Each lamp contains of 3 square sheets of plywood.
– Each has a grove routed out to fit the size of the HEMMA.
– The cable was then laced through the grooves.
– Starting on the inside of the lamp with the socket the cable runs all the way through the grooves and then back inside, looping once around the socket, and then the cable is pulled out tight.
– Hanging provides the most amount of tension, holding the form together.

~ Ryan Thurmer, Ann Arbor, Michigan