Open Your Home with Spare Doors

Materials: As Is Ikea Glass Front Doors

By gathering identical glass-front doors from Ikea’s As-Is department, I’ve assembled two walls of framed posters. The first one uses identical rustic glass-front doors. I taped Broadway posters to the back and drilled a small hole to hang them on screws in the wall. I then hung seven of them on an angle across the entire wall.

On the Miles Davis poster, I laid out identical square doors leaving equidistant spaces between each door. I marked with pencil and cut the poster to fit behind each door, while keeping the proportions intact. This allowed me to hide the wrinkles in the poster from it being rolled up and poorly stored for years. I used the pre-drilled handle hole on the door and put a large screw through it to hang each door as a frame.

Lastly, I used a large Ikea glass door to create this pot rack. By drilling screw eye hooks through the door and bolting them underneath, I hung them evenly on small chain links to plant hooks in the ceiling. I made sure to use plant hooks with toggle bolts to hold the weight of a full rack. The screw eye hooks on the bottom then only required S-hooks to hold the pots and pans. The glass allows the ceiling light to shine right through.

~ Michael A

Jules Yap