Spray-painting Ikea Kassett Boxes

Materials: Kassett boxes, school glue, paint brush, and spray paint

Description: -If needed, remove metal fasteners and label holder from the bottom of the box and flatten it out to be spray painted.

-Prepare the lid to be painted by using school glue and a paint brush to brush glue on the metal parts of the lid. Make sure the metal gets a good coat (it only requires one) especially around the round fasteners on the sides.

-Once the glue dries you can spray paint the two parts whatever rockin’ color you’ve picked.

-When the lid is almost dry, like just a tiny bit tacky, you can start peeling the paint off the metal. It comes off easily and clean. There may be a few specks on the edges where there may not have been enough glue but they flick off easily with your nail or an exact-o knife.

-Wait for the top and bottom to be completely dry then put them back together and you’re done! Super easy and now you have a box in the exact color you wanted!

See more of the painted Kassett.

~ Laurie Millar