Two Fjellse Twin Beds into a Trundle

Materials: 2 Fjellse twin beds, 2 sultan lade slats, 2 tag handles, 4 felt furniture sliders,2 twin mattresses, wood screws, drill, saw, screwdriver

Description: Our office/music studio needed a place to relax and space for guests. An upholstered day bed plus trundle is the perfect solution!

1. Assemble the headboards and drill new holes for the bed rails about 4″ above current holes.
2. Attach the bed rails to the two headboards and put in the slats. The main bed is done.
3. Cut two inches off of each of the remaining long bed rails. Flip them over and screw in the cross pieces that belong to the foot boards.
4. Attach felt furniture sliders to the underside of the trundle.
5. Add the slats, screwing the end slats in place for added stability.
6. Screw on the handles, put your mattresses in place and slide your trundle into position.
7. You can stop here, or upholster the ends (like I did) for a more complete look.

More detailed instructions can be found on my blog.

See more of the Fjellse trundle bed.

~ Ellen Quillen, United States