The Besta photobooth

Besta photobooth

Materials: Besta storage cabinet

I’ve been wanting to build an open air photobooth but I’m not much of a handyman. While browsing the IKEA store here, I stumbled upon the Besta Storage with it’s variety of sizes and door finishes.

I knew right then that this would be perfect. I can pile them up on each other to make the booth, and still be able to take them apart to carry inside my SUV.

I choose the High Gloss Red door finish to make it look sleek and stylish. The back side, I used the plain white.

Besta photobooth
Besta photobooth

The top storage house the lighting and camera.
The second storage was for the 19″ monitor and the Third was for the printer and power board.

It isn’t the most polished build (like I said I ain’t so handy with them power tools) but people seem to like the way it turned out.

~ Poch, Adelaide, South Australia