Billy turns spray-booth

Materials: Billy Bookcase, range hood, drawer guides, a hint of swearing

I decided to built me and the missus a hobby-room, where she can do her artsy stuff, and I can built my model kits. So off to Ikea to get stuff

Which turns into this…

And this…

But what I really wanted was a spray-booth for my airbrush. I had an old range hood for the ventilation part, I just needed a big enough (and deep enough) space to put it in. And that’s why the Billy in the back is 39 centimeters deep. Not deep enough for a spray booth, but I had a cunning plan…

The Billy was put together by first ritually setting fire to the plans, to appease the Nordic Gods of Hacking. Then put the Billy together with just the top and bottom shelves installed.

Then install two shelves with screws and glue, on at just under worktop height, the other about 64 centimeters above that. Make sure all the spaces are straight and even, because later this becomes the place we put the inner “box”.

A couple of strips of MDF narrow the left-over space from 80 centimeters to 60 centimeters, just wide enough to hold the range hood.

Billy is shocked!

I made an inner box using a pair of Billy shelves and two pieces of Trespa, which is a building material like plastic, but harder. Great if you want to save weight. Made the box snug, so it fit inside the space left in poor Billy. Used heavy-duty drawer-guides for smooth running.

Installed the range hood, and now I have a spray-booth that extends outwards up 62 centimeters. Ideal for airbrush work.

In; 38centimeters…

Out; more then 60centimeters!

~ Rob, The Netherlands