JOKKMOKK table hacks including one inspired by Crate & Barrel

ikea jokkmokk hack

I was furnishing my apartment and needed a kitchen and dining table. I really like the style of a table I came across at Crate & Barrel. But it was too big for my place, and too expensive at almost a thousand dollars.

I decided that I could make my own adaptation that would fit my budget and space.

After browsing IKEA, the JOKKMOKK set of table and chairs seem like the good starting point for a DIY C&B inspired table.

Crate & Barrel Inspired JOKKMOKK dining table
Crate&Barrel inspiration piece


IKEA JOKKMOKK Table and Chairs
Vinyl Flooring
Wood Framing Strips

JOKKMOKK hack to C&B dining table

IKEA JOKKMOKK dining table and chairs in pine

This was how the JOKKMOKK dining set looked before the hack. It’s made from solid pine which is hard to come by at IKEA these days. The finish is an antique wood stain which doesn’t look bad at all. In many ways, it is a modest dining room table that seats 4. And at a very affordable price point.

Better yet, I made this hack with a JOKKMOKK table and chairs set sourced from Craigslist for only $60.

Firstly, I disassembled the table and chairs and sanded everything down to bare pine. This was the longest part of the hack and took about 6 hours of sanding.

underside of table

I then built a new table top using 3/4″ plywood with vinyl flooring glued to the top. The flooring is made to resemble old, rough-cut barn wood, but is much more heat and scratch resistant.

I painted all the pieces a new light gray color, and sealed them with polyurethane. The new top is mounted to the frame using the same method as the old top.

Here’s how the new IKEA table top looks. In the picture, I’m still missing the seats, which will be added in later after upholstery.

Crate & Barrel Inspired JOKKMOKK dining table hack

I’ve received a lot of compliments on the hack and nobody believes me when I tell them it’s mainly IKEA furniture.

~ by Taylor, Atlanta, GA

Basic to Mid-Century Modern JOKKMOKK hack

IKEA JOKKMOKK table with white wash finish and hairpin legs

I transformed a basic JOKKMOKK table by removing the legs and trim. Then I sanded and restained the tabletop with a white wash to lighten the wood. The antique stain made my room look darker and did not fit in with my decor style. The lighter color still lets the wood grain show through beautifully.

white wash finish close up

Lastly, I flipped the tabletop over and added sleek, mid-century modern style hairpin legs.

The project took less than an hour to complete and the results are huge! A basic table was transformed from a near Goodwill donation to a piece I will treasure for years to come.

~ by Regina Morrison, California

Barn Board dining table set makeover

IKEA JOKKMOKK with barn wood table top and white legs

I run a small business on the side restoring and painting antique furniture. I was looking for a new kitchen table set for myself but could not find an antique one that fit the vision I had in mind.

Then, I came across this IKEA piece and thought what a challenge it would be … turn a plain, modern table into something old and rustic. I purchased the JOKKMOKK table set off Kijiji for $50.00…. a great deal considering it was in great shape and they delivered it.

I went to Home Depot and purchased two pine boards and had them cut them in half for me. At the same time, I also purchased some stain, large head roofing nails, wood glue and a wood decor piece.

First step was to glue the pine boards on top of the existing table top. Once glued I clamped them overnight. I also glued on the wood decorative piece to the front of the table.

The next day I stained the pine boards with 2 coats of Minwax PolyShades. I am a loyal user of Annie Sloan Products so of course the table and chairs were hand painted in “Old White” and clear waxed.

barn wood table top

Prior to the waxing I wet distressed both the table and chairs to help give it that aged look. Once everything was dry I hammered in some roofing nails along the edge of both ends. The only nails I could find were silver so I used a black sharpie marker and painted the heads of the nails.

Plain JOKKMOKK dining table hacked into modern bar table

IKEA JOKKMOKK hacked into floating bar table

I grew tired of my old JOKKMOKK dining table and wanted a smaller one. We looked at some IKEA dining tables but they were too large. Another factor was we didn’t want to throw the old table away.

So we decided to go the DIY IKEA hack route.

The first step was to draw a curved edge on one end of the JOKKMOKK table top similar to a bar countertop. Using a jigsaw, we cut out the JOKKMOKK table top into this new shape and used an orbital sander to bevel the edges. Next, we primed and painted the bar tabletop white.

cutting the JOKKMOKK table

The final step was to attach the adjustable OLOV leg. And then the whole setup to the wall using 2 strong wall brackets.

Very simple IKEA hack but with a striking difference. No need to throw perfect woodwork away! And we love the new look of a breakfast bar in our dining space.

~ by Alice, Sweden

Pine dining table to rustic farmhouse coffee table

Our living room has been craving a coffee table like mad. What we needed was something wooden and sturdy to add a natural feature to the feel of the space. Unfortunately, that rustic, real wood look can get pricey. To no success, I scoured thrift and antique stores for something with a farmhouse-y look. And then! My mind stumbled upon my old spray painted IKEA dining table, the JOKKMOKK, to be exact.

First, we chopped the legs off to about a 15 inch height. (Optional if you wish to keep it as a dining table). Then, we gave the table a fresh coat of black paint.

Up at Home Depot we picked up eight 1 x 1 x 4’s and had them cut them in half for us.

We got to work sanding and staining. This was my first time ever staining wood and it is extraordinarily easy. Since this project, I’m always digging around our house for more things to stain.

We applied two coats and allowed to dry overnight. The next day, all we needed was a quick sand down of the surface, some construction adhesive ($4 at Lowe’s), and clamps.

We allowed the glue to clamp for about 24 hours before giving him two coats of polyurethane. We love it!

~ by Rachel Schultz

How do you paint an IKEA JOKKMOKK table?

Lightly sand the surface to be painted to remove the original stain finish. Clean all dust and let it dry thoroughly. Apply one or two coats of primer like KILZ Premium with a foam roller. Use an angled brush for hard to reach corners. Finish with your choice of top coat. You may need 2 to 3 coats for an even finish.

How do you refinish the IKEA JOKKMOKK wood table top?

If the IKEA wood table top is scratched up you’ll need to sand it down to remove the scratches and dents. Wipe clean and dry. For wood like pine which is porous and highly absorbent, we recommend using a wood conditioner which will produce a smoother, less blotchy finish. Apply the wood conditioner as instructed on the can and allow it to dry. Then apply a layer of stain using a piece of rag, wiping off the excess immediately. Layer on the stain until you get the depth of color you want.