Hemnes bookcase turned into vintage food storage cabinet

Hemnes vintage food storage cabinet

Materials: Hemnes bookcase Non Ikea supplies: wooden desk for door, 3 replica brass hinges, 2 vent strainers, handle, double roller catch, matching screws

Our relatively small kitchen needed some food cabinet that is not too deep and relatively tall. The space left was on the kitchen side, where were standing already two vintage cabinets.

Without seeing this site, we had decided for to do Hemnes cabinet hack.

We have bought wooden desk to cut new door out of it. There is similiar Hemnes with door available, but we didn’t like that style.

We decided to use replica hinges from Halen company, other cabinet “jewelry”
we got at the same place. Old style of hinges are quite decorative and very easy to install and door could be opened really wide.

Hemnes vintage food storage cabinet
Hemnes vintage food storage cabinet

After door was cut, we had to drill vents that will underlay vent strainers on top.
One pack of holes in lower par and second in upper part of the door.
Then whole door was lacquered with greyish-green colour.

Attachment of hinges was piece of cake, strainers and hadle took little longer for correct placement.

Door is being closed with double roller catch, which is attached to middle Hemnes shelf, that is fixed in place by original design.

Hemnes cabinets are very versatile for many re-styling ideas.

~ Jaja, Czech republic

Jules Yap