HEMNES gets a double topping

Hemnes double shoe cabinet

2 HEMNES Shoe cabinets, 2 wooden planks, sanding paper, wood sealer, paint, small angle irons

The design of the slim HEMNES shoe cabinet is the perfect solution for my narrow hallway (and a vast shoe collection)…

Only problem was that a double HEMNES set-up would exceed the wall space I had to play with. Each Hemnes is 107cm wide, meaning you need 214cm for a double set-up – and my wall space stretched no further than a maximum 205cm. Hence, hacking was required. My solution? – Giving HEMNES a new double topping!

Hemnes double shoe cabinet

STEP 1: Start by removing original top boards of the HEMNES Shoe Cabinets. Push the cabinets tightly together (this shrunk the space requirements with 4 cm!)

Hemnes double shoe cabinet

STEP 2: Find a new top board of your choice. I simply took two wooden planks which painted in high gloss light grey (remember to prep using sanding paper & wood sealer)

Hemnes double shoe cabinet

STEP 3: Keep HEMNES nice proportions by making sure there is a top board overhang on the front and to each side of the double unit. Due to my limited wall space, I had to clip one corner of the back top plank (this gave me the additional 5 cm I needed to fit the cabinets against my wall).

Hemnes double shoe cabinet

STEP 4: Fasten your finished top planks to the cabinet units. Glue and small angle irons will do the trick.

THE RESULT: The result is a seamless, fitted look, where the 2 HEMNES cabinets become 1 unit. Thanks to the topboard overhang, the lean proportions are kept intact.

In comparison to a “un-hacked” double HEMNES set-up, this hack adjusts a functional and an aesthetic flaw by using the otherwise wasted middle space and by saying bye-bye to the ugly middle seam. Furthermore, it allows for customization, as wood top planks are easy to paint in any favorite color!

Remember guys, this hack can be extended into infinity – should you be so lucky to have a super long hallway – why not triple or quadruple the HEMNES topping?

Best of luck HEMNES-hacking!

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~ ScrapHacker, Stockholm, Sweden