Ikea Rolling Dog Bed v2

Rolling Dog Bed v2

Materials: Ikea chair (Solsta Olarp), Poang footstool lambswool cushion, Ikea large wheels

I purchased the Solsta Olarp chair and the Poang lambswool footstool cushion in the “As Is” department (about $25.00 and $19.99). Any small chair will do (depending on the size of your pet!)

This is a pretty easy hack…

TOOLS: Saw to create footings for wheels. Screwdriver to attach wheels. Scissors to cut attached cushion.

MATERIALS: 2 Packages of Ikea large wheels. Screws to attach wood and wheels. Wood to make blocks for wheels.

Rolling Dog Bed v2

1) Cut off existing wood legs, flush with the base.
2) Cut square pieces of 3/4″ to 1″ thick wood and screw to base in each of 4 “corners” (make large enough for the wheels), screw Ikea wheels to those corner pieces (predrill all holes).

3) Unzip your Poang footstool pad and take the inside foam out.
4) Cut the attached vinyl seat pad where it connects to chair.
5) Put that seat pad into the the Poang footstool lambswool pad shell and zip up. The chair cushion is thicker but smaller and has rounded back corners, but it fits fine).


~ DeAnna Brandt, Minnesota, USA