My workspace

Materials: Expedit shelf insert, ekby shelf, vika amon table

Description: I needed a laptop/speakers raiser so I bought an Expedit shelf and after I cut it into 3 pieces (unfortunately there are screws right in the middle of it so I had to cut it in three pieces and leaving the middle part out of it) I drilled new holes for it to hold it together.

After that I used Stopp anti-slip underlay between the Expedit shelf and an Ekby shelf…that’s it I guess.

Basically if your table is wide enough and if you have enough money you just can get 2 Expedit shelf insert and no trouble at all, but my table top is just 100 x 60 cm so I needed a shorter and cheap solution…

I used to have a bigger desk with the second option (except I used a Lack shelf as that is wider and suits more for the wider shelf insert…) so I posted photos of that too.

~ Tom Kalmar, Budapest, Hungary