Numerar/Byske Standing Work-Bar

Materials: Numerar countertop in Beech, Vyka Byske legs, generic shelf supports, drill, screws, saw, etc.

Description: With standing work stations becoming more and more popular, we took matters into our own hands to make ourselves a simple, attractive, and modern solution. And durable to boot!

1. Measure your wall or desired length of workstation.

2. Cut Numerar to the appropriate length to span your wall, or other desired width.

3. Grab your Byske legs and start turning em’, it’s going to take a while to extend them out to standing height…

Tip: Once you have them to what seems like a comfortable height, get someone to help you set either your countertop, or another flat surface on top of them so that your work station is the right height so that you’re arms bend at the elbow in about a 90 degree angle.

4. Mark your studs at your desired height and use 2 1/2″ (or so) drywall screws to mount your generic heavy duty shelf supports to the wall. Mount one to about every other stud to make sure your bar has good support across the back.

5. Set your countertop up on those back supports and prop up the front with your Byske legs. Use 1″ wood screws to screw it all together. Space your legs out as it feels natural to do so- the advantage of using these thicker legs and countertop is that you can space them out a bit more without compromising stability.

Tip: If you need to run cables behind the bar don’t forget to space it out from the wall about 1.5″, or use the end of your thickest cable (the plug) to make sure it can fit through comfortably.

See more of the Numerar standing desk.

~ Ian Wilson, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA