RE-KIA Table

Materials: NUMERAR countertops, VIKA MOLIDEN table legs, Craigjig Screws, 10 – 5/8″ bolts and 2 – Iron Bars

Description: I purchased two (2) of the Numerar birch countertops ( 96 7/8 ” x 25 5/8″ ) and spliced them together, using a Craig Jig and two large iron bars for support, to make a single large surface ( 96 7/8″ x 51 1/4″ ). I then used a Skill Saw to cut diminishing angles into the sides of the table, on the top on two sides and the bottom on the others.

Finally I sanded the entire piece down and lacquered it to make it look like it was never two pieces but one giant piece. Once the four Vika Moliden table legs were attached the RE-KIA Table was complete. It is a great addition to our living room and easily seats 12 people and is an extremely sturdy table!

~ Joseph Moore, Los Angeles