Sleek Headbord from VIKA HYTTAN Table Tops

3 VIKA HYTTAN 59″ table tops
3 INREDA cabinet lights plus plug connectors
3 6″ Hangman Wall Mounting hardware (available at Ace Hardware and on line)

Description: I came up with an inexpensive, modern and easy headboard for our city loft. The three table tops are mounted vertically on the wall and topped with cabinet lighting to provide reading lamps.

Step 1:

On the back of each table top, carefully measure 12″ from the top and mount “picture” side of Hangman.

Step 2:

On what will be top edge of each table when mounted, drill holes in center right to left to install cabinet lighting.

Step 3:

On the wall, find the center of where the bed will be, and mount wall side of first Hangman 12″ below desired headboard height. Make sure this is at least 47″ off the floor so headboard will float. If you have baseboards, should be at least 47″ off baseboard so headboard won’t kick out.

Step 4:

Measure to center of two remaining headboards and mount hardware. (See web for tips on mounting 3 pictures in line so evenly spaced and lined up at top edge).

Step 4:

Using included screws, attach INREDA lights to each table top, hide wires behind headboard. All 3 lights can be strung together using INREDA connectors, or each can be plugged individually to the wall so they can be controlled independently. Note that at least on transformer to wall plug attachment must be purchased.

Slide your bed up to the hanging headboard and you are done.

~ Carrie Maser, Palo Alto, CA