Trofast Drawer for Lack Coffee Table

Materials: Lack Coffee Table, Trofast Drawer, Strecket Rails

Description: My husband and I recently replaced an old, tiny sofa with the Ikea Karlstad corner sofa. It’s huge. So huge, that we realized there was a hidden cost: We had to replace our old coffee table as well.

For flexibility’s sake, we decided to get two of the ~30″ square tables. These table have a shelf about halfway down the legs, but we have two active cats. Anything we left on that shelf would be identified as not bolted down, and therefore a cat toy.

So we needed drawers on rails that would hold from the top, instead of the side or bottom.

Based on another hack I’d seen around, I knew the Trofast drawers had a lip that made them pretty much perfect for this use. My husband picked up the Strecket rails from the kitchen department, and after testing that the rail and Trofast lip were a match, we took them home with us.

One of the tables also has the Signum cable management rack attached for wrangling laptop cords since we work on the couch a lot.

~ Megan Taylor, New York City