another, nother RAST

Rast with leather belts<

Materials: Rast, paint, stain, leather belt*, hammer and nail, drill, scissors

Description: For this project, I drew from a number of previously featured hacks and projects. My ideas here aren’t super original, but I think the combination is.

Rast with leather belts<
Rast with leather belts<

1. Assembled Rast
2. Painted and stained – 2 coats of Ben Moore pure white on the body 2 coats of a dark stain on the drawers (wait for it to dry now!)
3. Cut leather belt into 12.25″ segments (used regular scissors).
4. Poked holes about a quarter inch from the end of the belt using a hammer & nail
5. Drilled included screws through leather into existing knob holes. I used the included knobs on the INSIDE of the dresser, to cover the exposed/pointy end of the screws.

*I was lucky enough to be able to use one (long!) belt that I got at the thrift store for $3. It might also look cool with 3 different belts?

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~ Susan, Philadelphia