Fancied Up Helmer

Materials: Helmer, Six Drawer Pulls, Fine Tip Black Marker, Hammer, Awl, Philips Head Screwdriver, Safety Goggles, Gloves, Shoes, Drill, Soft Cloth

Description: I love the Helmer but didn’t know what to do with the label slots. My handwriting is not that good and there’s really just random stuff in the drawers anyway. I tried fancy paper but didn’t like it. And I like vintage style, which the original pulls were not. Off to the attic!

The set of pulls I had on hand have a big back plate that covers the label slots nicely. I had already put the drawers together so I just stood them on end and positioned the pull, sans the screws and nail part, and made a mark with a marker in each screw hole. The boring (space between holes) on this pull is 3″. Be sure the boring is wide enough to cover and clear the original pull holes. And the back plate of the pull is tall enough to pretty well cover the label slots. I found reproductions of the pulls I used here.

Or you could search elsewhere online for reproduction Victorian drawer pull. Just make sure to check the measurements in the descriptions before you buy.

Next I used an awl with a hammer to make a dent in the metal where the marks were. I was afraid the dent wasn’t big enough and the drill would slip so I used the hammer and a Philips Head screwdriver to make the dent a little larger for the drill bit to set into.

Make sure to wear safety goggles, gloves, and shoes as metal will be flying around as you drill. And I used an old wash cloth over the trashcan to lightly brush away the metal shavings. Careful not to scratch your drawers! Add your pulls and you are good to go.

~ Tara Einhorn, United States