Hack them with contact paper

Materials: Enetri shelving unit, Micke desk

Description: Some link love today. I stumbled upon these beautiful yet simple hacks by Jonathan of Happy Mundane [via Apartment Therapy] that had me wishing I bought reams and reams of contact paper the last time I was Home Depot.

Jonathan covers the classic Enetri with contact paper with walnut wood grain and painted the silver frames a darker shade. I’ve always thought the Enetri had good bones but some how it never struck me as a stunner. But now, just giving it the right shades makes it a head turner. Don’t you think?

The genius of contact paper is that you can start a stick-a-thon. Jonathan goes on and faux grains his Micke desk. The beauty is knowing when to stop. The desk would have been a tacky mess if totally covered in walnut contact paper. But just a touch and it turns from meh to marvellous.

See more of the contact paper makeovers on Happy Mundane [via Apartment Therapy].

~ Jules