Hacker help: A shorter Ekby Alex?

Materials: Ekby Alex

Description: I have a big question. I really want to use the Ekby Alex as a small suspended desk in my studio apartment BUT it’s too big. I only have 100 cm and the shelf is 120 (don’t know in inches).

Is there any way to shrink it? Honestly don’t know how to face the drawers…
Maybe you guys with more hacking experience than mine can help me out and/or sort something similar..

~ Chiara, Milan, Italy

“One way is to saw off one side of the shelf and reattached the end bit to form a shorter shelf. If you are not keen or don’t know how to resize the drawers, why not just keep one drawer and leave the shorter side as a cubby hole? It’ll not look as balanced but it’s a simple solution.” ~ Jules