Hacker Help: How do I hack a table like this (part 2)?

Materials: Unsure, please help!

Description: In the same vein as a previous post, I found an incredible desk/table on Boing Boing (I’m sure many Ikeahackers readers are also fans of Boing Boing), and I’m sure the fine people of Ikea Hackers can figure out a way to recreate it (and I’ll be trying it myself anyway, but why not get a little brainstorming going?).

Now, the original is a table/desk re-purposed from an old door. The beauty comes from the versatility and simplicity: lies flat for dining, a simple hinge and support opens up half the table to reveal storage.

So how can we put this together with help from our fine friends at Ikea? Thanks in advance for your ideas!

See more of the old door desk.

~ Sal, Orlando, FL

“Love, love, love the desk too. My thoughts, probably the Granas dining table can start as the base. Finding the doors will be the tough part. Pax doors are too long and perhaps too polished to achieve this look (unless you’re ready to cut and distress them). A Numerar countertop cut to size may look quite good.” ~ Jules

Jules Yap