Ikea meets Kohler

Kohler IKEA Hemnes vanity

Materials: Hemnes Dresser

Description: For the longest time, I’ve wanted a bathroom vanity that doesn’t require me to bend over and wear out my back. Being tall has it’s ups, but downs as well!

For the longest time, my wife has wanted her “own” sink 🙂 Don’t ask – but it’s the standard in most US homes – his & her towels, his & her sinks etc. Beats me why people wed to unite if they need his & her spaces 🙂

The Hemnes 8 drawer dresser was the the perfect match for this project.

Here are the steps in a nutshell – took me a day to finish and does require some power saw skills:

Kohler IKEA Hemnes vanity
Kohler IKEA Hemnes vanity
Kohler IKEA Hemnes vanity

1. Get a standard issue Hemnes

2. Use included Kohler sink templates and cut out 2 square holes on the Hemnes top

3. Finish the cabinet top with poly-eurethane coats using a foam roller before dropping the sinks in.

4. Drop sinks in and complete plumbing

3. While making the drawers, swap the first 2 rows and cut the drawer frames to wrap around plumbing like shown in the pictures


~ Harish, Rockville, MD

Jules Yap