Kitchen under the stairs


Materials: Faktum Nexus, Perfekt Nexus

Description: Initially we didn’t plan for a two-storey house, but when we came up with the definitive plan, I decided that we should use the space under the stairs.

As we placed the kitchen by the stairs, I measured and made sketches and measured again, before we went to IKEA and bought the cabinets we needed.

IMG 1058 781678
IMG 1059 782605
IMG 1080 784198
IMG 1121 785292
IMG 1129 787267

And as we plan to live here long I decided to put the dishwasher in a comfortable height. The box under it got rather low, so there we store trays and cutting boards.


See more of the kitchen under the stairs.

~ Helene Langborg, Sweden

Jules Yap