Pantone Light

Pantone Light

Materials: Ikea PS Maskros Pendant lamp / Custom Pantone Chips / Hot Glue Gun

Description: We are always looking for unique items that can excite and personalize our studio, and this lamp is a perfect canvas.

This project was super fun, but we also faced some challenges. It was important to get the right proportion throughout the piece, as a whole. Based on how each spindle is spaced, the shapes of the solid rectangle chips would overlap at the top and bottom of the lamp. Our preference was to have equal distance between each chip.

We overcame this challenge by assembling the lamp first, and then measuring the spaces of one “column” of spindles (top to bottom). Then we made sure it was consistent throughout the circumference of the piece. Based on those measurements, we created the pantone chips.

At first we did a test on regular copy paper, and printed enough chips to cover a quarter of the lamp. Once we made the necessary adjustments, the final chips were printed on quality cover stock.

Using a hot glue gun, we attached the chips directly to the flat ends of the spindles. You can also use good quality, double-sided tape. Keep in mind that it will be difficult to reattach any fallen pieces, depending on how high the light is suspended.

Weather you prefer to mix the existing paper shades with something a little more colourful, or create a family photo gallery, you can be really creative, and get your friends to help with all the cutting!

~ Lilia, Canada