Shutters & Light

Materials: ANNO STRA panel curtain, wood glue, 4 wooden frames, 8 small hinges, 16 small nails, scissors or knife; ORGEL table lamp, HEMMA cord set

Description: These are old ones… and unfortunately I took only one photo…

1.) Window shutters for the bedroom:
I had the problem, that there was no space to fix a curtain rail or anything like that to guarantee that the windows could still be opened.

So I had the idea, to simply fix 4 self-made shutters on the wooden frame of the window, therefore I got me some frames (I let wood laths cut at a local hardware store) and glued them together (like for a picture frame). I did this for 4 times.After letting them dry I fixed 2 hinges per frame.

Then I covered the frames with ANNO STRA on both sides (fixed with wood glue), and nailed the covered frames onto the window frames.

For a nicer look I painted the metal hinges with white paint afterwards.

These shutters gave a very cosy atmosphere since they still let a little filtered light in.

2.) Since there was no ORGEL pendant light at that time, I simply took the shade of the ORGEL table lamp and fixed it upside down on the HEMMA cord set.

~ Gaby, Vienna, Austria