SNIGLAR – Crib co sleeper

SNIGLAR co-sleeper crib
SNIGLAR co-sleeper crib

Materials: crib SNIGLAR (39 €), 4 wheels (0.85 € c / u) and a hinge (2.60 €)

Description: After 2 years of living with our son Ivan who is a candidate to win the prize for the child on the planet with least sleep, it was clear that with the new one is coming to us, we are not to play, and although Mr. Estivil criticize us, we wanted a co-sleeping crib to avoid those early months in which the baby eats were every 2 hours, with consequent little walks in pajamas and disoriented, we took from our bed to his crib, in darkness and stumbling over anything (shoes, teddy, our moral) that was lying on the ground.

Buuuuuut the crib co sleeper we had seen cost a pretty penny and while we would have gladly paid for sleep, I am an Ikea hacker, and I proposed to have a brand new challenge. Make a co-sleeping crib for six pence.

Me bought a crib SNIGLAR (39 €), 4 wheels (0.85 € c / u) and a hinge (2.60 €). And I and my dear miter saw we got to work.

SNIGLAR co-sleeper crib
SNIGLAR co-sleeper crib
SNIGLAR co-sleeper crib

The crib SNIGLAR 125×65 cm measures. I stop the crib to 87×58 cm. (inside of 83×54) and the base at the level that we should have for our mattress (in our case, the top of the base is at 43 cm. To put a mattress and the result is flush with our mattress bed).

After several cuts, drills and screws the result is what you see.

A solid crib, super easy to move, and that can convert in a co-sleeping crib very easy.

I love the result. I hope the baby is on his way too and we all happily sleep.

A greeting!


PD.: The chains that hold the caps took them out of the back pockets of jeans that bothered my wife, SUPER HACKER!

~ Javier, Madrid – SPAIN

CAUTION: “Safety is paramount. Please review safe sleep environment guidelines like this for infants before attempting to convert your crib into a sidecar.” ~ Jules