Beautiful Storm

Materials: Storm lamp, Nylon thread, hot glue

The paper lamp shade of one of our Storm lamps was lacerated, so I decided to make something more appealing out of the storm lamp.

I bought a sheet of Japanese paper and a nylon thread. I tore the lamp apart and re-used the metal components for a real transformation into something beautiful, there is really nothing you need to buy to do it except Japanese paper.

First, I used the top and base metal rings and screwed the base back (base ring needs some hot glue for stability). Then I criss-crossed the nylon thread to give the lamp shade more stability also. Finally I wrapped the Japanese paper around and cut the access away with an inch overlap which I hot-glued.

I left the metal spring around the shaft intact for a nicer look. It even has the original energy saving light bulb.

What do you think?

~ Nomax