Billy Sideboard

Materials: Billy, Applad cabinet doors, shelves and Capita legs

Description: I used to live in a small apartment and needed a discreet storage in my living room. Many sideboard is pretty deep and a high bookcase can steal some of the space instead.

I solved this problem thanks to Billy, Applad kitchen cabinet doors, shelves * and Capita legs.

Quite simply, I took two tall Billy bookcases (one 80 cm and one 60 cm) which I placed lying on their side and mounted Capita legs. The shelves I used as side walls and added Applad kitchen cabinets that I sawed to the correct height from the bottom. I also added shelves inside.

Bought separate shelves that I used as countertop and since the room was about 40 cm longer than the two Billy bookcases, I let the shelves go all the way from wall to wall, creating a small open space.

The result was a neat and spacious storage cabinet and sideboard at a good price!

* I bought the shelves separately from a cheap Ikea shelf that I can not remember the name of that IKEA no longer sells. But I can imagine that there are similar today, and the choice of color is certainly widely based on what you want. Same as cabinets or contrast.

~ Elina Shaw, Stockholm, Sweden