Boring Besta to skinny, floating kitchen cabinet

2 x standard Besta open shelves, Faktum doors, wood panel

I needed a thin cabinet for one side of my very small kitchen. The 20cm wide Besta open shelves were exactly the right width.

However, the wall would not support the weight of the shelves so I couldn’t mount them on it and I loathe and despise visible feet on furniture.

So, we screwed the feet as far back as possible whilst still allowing for support, then we screwed the shelves to the wall. We cut a decoration panel to size and mounted it under the shelves, covering up the feet.

We added the Faktum doors and, as a final touch, we had a piece of coloured glass cut to the right size and placed this on the top of our new, skinny kitchen cabinet.

This gives the effect of a floating cabinet. It’s a simple but effective hack and I am very happy with the results :).

~ Susannah

Jules Yap